Annual Membership Fees Calculator

Use this tool as a guide to estimate APNIC fees based on a particular resource holding.

Enter the amount of IPv4 and IPv6 resources in the relevant fields using 'slash notation'.

e.g. /23 + /24

e.g. /30 + /34 (maximum /56)

Addresses (/56) /32 16,777,216
Fees AUD 1,180 x 1.31 ^ (log2(16,777,216) - 22) AUD 2,025
Estimated Fees AUD 2,025

IPv4 and IPv6 calculations are done separately. The fee charged is the greater of the two results.

Your membership renewal invoices will be calculated based on your resource holdings assessed as at the date of your membership anniversary.

  • Applies to Members only
  • Estimated fees are based on the higher of IPv4 or IPv6 fees
  • Address holdings include current and historical resources
  • Australian organizations are required to pay GST (Goods and Services Tax) on all APNIC fees
  • Based on 2023 Fee Schedule

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